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At CHIROHAUS we don’t just deal with your spinal cord but we look at the whole body so that we can get to the root of your condition and identify a proper treatment plan that will address the origin of your problem.

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Dr Burak is a Rehabilitation Chiropractor, Exercise and Sports Physiologist and a specialist in Pain Management. With one year remaining in his studies in becoming a physiotherapist, he made the decision to change to Chiropractic.

With this unique dual background he applies this to provide specialised rehabilitative services to achieve optimal health.Whether you’re an Olympic Athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr Burak is trained in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. He has the experience to treat you and work with you through your rehabilitation process. His aim is to return you to your chosen activities, stronger and more capable than before.

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Dr Burak Dinc

Meet the team

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55 Norval Street, Auburn

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