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Occupational therapy services can help you if you have a problem with doing everyday activities. These activities, or “occupations,” include things like eating, dressing, bathing, and using the toilet. OT can also help you take care of your home and get around your community.

If you have an injury or illness that makes it hard to do these things, occupational therapy services can help. For example, if you have had a stroke, occupational therapy can help you regain the use of your arm and hand.

OT can also help you if you have a mental health condition that makes it hard to do daily activities. For example, OT can help people with depression learn how to take care of themselves and their homes.

You may need just a few occupational therapy services or many services over time. It all depends on your needs. Your occupational therapist will work with you to create a plan that’s right for you.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Kebbi
Ocupational Therapist

Sarah | Occupational Therapist

Sarah has worked as an occupational therapist for 7years in a wide variety of clinical caseloads across the inpatient and community settings – inpatient acute care, neurological rehabilitation, and aged care. She has enjoyed working with adults with wide-ranging medical conditions/disabilities.

Sarah is a member of the Occupational Therapy Association and is AHPRA Registered. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters in Occupational Therapy (Honours). Sarah is FIM accredited, MOCA assessor and CIMT trained. Her particular clinical interests include; cognitive rehabilitation, upper limb management, assistive technology prescription, equipment prescription, fall prevention and pressure care management.

Sarah is bilingual and fluent in Arabic. She is committed to developing her skills and regularly attends courses, conferences, and webinars, to ensure adherence to current best practices.

Sarah is a keen baker and loves making different desserts every chance she gets. She loves staying fit and enjoys long-distance running. Sarah completed her first half marathon (21km) in 2019. Sarah is a big foodie and spends most of her weekends at farmers’ markets or food festivals.
Sarah has just recently found her green thumb and is growing all different types of veggies in her backyard.
In her downtime, Sarah likes to read books and has a keen interest in history.


Teaching you how to do an activity in a different way

Showing you how to use adaptive equipment

Helping you build strength, coordination, and range of motion

Improving your balance and ability to walk

Helping you cope with changes in your abilities

Teaching you and your family members how to adapt your home

Working on your thinking, memory, and decision-making skills

You will work with an occupational therapist (OT). The OT will ask you questions about your daily activities. They will also do a physical assessment. This is to find out what activities are hard for you to do. Based on this information, the OT will create a treatment plan just for you.

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Exercises to help you regain strength, coordination, and range of motion
  • Activities to help improve your thinking, memory, and decision-making skills
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations, such as reachers or long-handled sponges, to help you with everyday tasks

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